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In 2012 this filling was mentioning a secure device, released as touchid over a year later. Payment design is probably much more detailed by now at Apple's labs. Imho, this will turn out to be the biggest thing for Apple in the coming years. This is why they are piling so much cash.
What about an iphone6 with two lenses, one at the current position, the second at the opposite glass border (that is even wider than human eyes) ? Then an holographic iTV to show this content...?
Tried this minutes ago: opened wit iWork for iCloud a spreadsheet stored in iCloud, shared it with a friend, save it, and now Numbers, in my brand new iMac, refuses to start, even with locally stored spreadsheets.
at amazon or best buy, a 32 Gb tablet: Kindle: $480 (but 8.9"); surface2, $480 (but 1920 res); galaxy tab 10.1, 2014 edition: $600; ipad air: $600. So why, even considering price, is Samsung getting better scores? If for the money of decent dinner you are willing to sacrifice the quality of the device you will be using for at least 3 years... well, you deserve it, dummy.
I understand one of the many benefits of osx server is that, not like windows servers, it supports standards like webDAV. That means that in the intranet, ipad clients can be content producers, as the documents can be saved in the intranet (and not only in the cloud), then shared, seen and edited by osx or even windows clients on common computers. Imo, this makes osx server trully strategic in the planned expansion of IOS use in the enterprise. The policy of microsoft has...
Big dumb theory. Three guys fighting for the main role, wanting next yeas's Emmy. Munsterosity wins, in my opinion.
Anti dumping laws are made to protect consumers in the long term, but in USA they seem to be valid only to block international trades. Now US government is protecting the main dumping actor: Amazon. This will have serious cultural implications; although Apple, one way or another, will end up selling more books that anybody else. Unless US judges  keep helping Citizen Bezos to build his monopoly, and then charge whatever he wants for books, sell whatever he feels is...
Iphone is 22% up in USA & Europe5 (the saturated markets, remember?); 33% in GB, 36% in France, 110% in Spain. 180% in Mexico. In the year of the iphone5 "failure". Meh? I thought Apple was almost finished... And BBRY, the Iphone killer according my broker, is selling 2/3 in USA and Italy; 1/3 in France, GB, EU5 and Mexico; 1/5 in Australia; less than 1/10 in Spain. In one year. Of what they made before the black beast of BB10. But wait, it does have higher marketshare in...
Even so, BBRY has patents, enterprise acceptance, and a still loyal and sizable user base that could worth an acquisition by Apple. I would wait for EV to fall well down of 2 billion again (as it were a week ago), then buy it all for that amount. Carriers all over the world, specially in low income countries, that currently have privileges for BB devices, would have to think it again and negotiate acceptable deals with Apple.
there is a typo in the lower left icon: it lacks an i.
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