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I apologize if I mentally agitated you. Good luck and keep strong ( I really am a substantial shareholder and I dont like the ribbish those South Koreans aredishing up). Long live Apple but not fanboys with blind loyalty.
nice one Dick, a bit of humour
I am a substantial shareholder, but if it makes you feel better and less uncertain, believe what you want. Just realise in doing so that you are highlighting exactly that you are a lab mouse, with the fears, anxieties and hopes of what will happen on that treadmill.....
Dick, you and I are shareholders of Apple. Given what has happened, would you like management to address this issue? i doubt it is going to have a profound impact but it does undermine the brand name when this fiasco gets splashed across the media. If Forestall is not held responsible then who should be - some lower employee(s) within Apple? Maybe they are responsible - if so they should also be sacked along with the leader that manages them.
Hey, I have also been making a useful gain holding apple stock. they are making me more wealthy on the back of fanboys who just keep buying and buying and buying. So when people call me a hater of apple it is really funny. I just like experimenting once in awhile with these lab mice - using basic psychology techniques, pointing out obvious failings of apple and seeing how these mice react when put in a situation where their blind loyalties conflicts against their logic,...
google are run by two humble genuises
you have a bizarre logic. so Forstall has many people working for him and this prevented him ever asking - does this app actially work? did he ever think to try it for himself or was that just reserved for the two times he showed it at the recent keynotes?if anything having many more people working for him is an indictment on a broader group of people. Did they all miss that perhaps the app is worth testing and retesting beforegoing live?whether forstalll has 1000 or 1...
Dont worry, just keep repeating ' It just works, it just works' and make sure you carry a paper based street directory with you.
The only people pissing are: Forstall - he's pissing on you, and Google and samsung employees - they are pissing their pants with laughter.you say that we should revisit the issue in a few months? do we need to give Apple a few months to sort out their act on a product Forstall was publicly smirking about as far back s the ipad launch?Keep going on that treadmill mouse and enjoy navigating those cliff wall streets on your beautiful new Apple maps app.
New Posts  All Forums: