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@Ingsoc I think I love you.
First world investor probs.
Don't like it? Sell. Invest somewhere else.
You can go to gay pride parades and get a card if you really want one. They allow straight people to attend. Be an ally, not a jerk.
Step 1: Create a new Outlook (MSN, Hotmail) accountStep 2: Sign into your Gmail accountStep 3: Go to SettingsStep 4: Forward your mail to your new Outlook accountStep 5: Sign into your Outlook accountStep 6: Go to the upper right part of the Screen and click on the Settings GearStep 7: click "More mail settings"Step 8: under "Managing your account" click "Your email accounts"Step 9: under "Add an email account" click "Add a send-only account"** You'll have to sign...
I just created a new Outlook account, forwarded my Gmail account to it, and then setup an alias in Outlook to send mail as if it were my gmail account. I sign into my new Outlook account on my device and get my Gmail pushed to me, and no one knows I'm not using my Gmail account when I send mail.
I love the "T" shaped design. I've had experience with both the "T" and "L" shaped power adapters and found that the "L" shaped version held onto the computer a little too well. It didn't allow for a clean break away every time (by clean, I mean the computer not moving at all). I've never had a problem with the "T" shaped version. Sure, it doesn't look as pretty, but I'd rather have a pretty laptop than one that got pulled off my lap and was damaged in the process...
Wow... I like this a lot better, both in size and color, than what I was imagining after the last few product leaks.
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