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I want a wide screen iPhone similar to samsung galaxy size. I wonder how they are going to please me? or stop me moving to android just because of the limited screen sizes?????????????
even if they make 10 core still no use, the screen of iPhone needs to be wider. iPhone is left far behind the competition. The speed is not simply attractive. since iPhone 3GS I have bought every version accept iPhone 5 because I was expecting a wider screen as I have big fingers like many others. I am expecting a wide screen on iPhone 5s-6 otherwise unfortunately I will have to get used to android or windows mobile.
Everyone thinks Ive is great BUT I don't think so, The design of iPhone 5 is disaster. Long and thin. very very disappointed.
It would be very good as I do not remember the last time I have used an optical drive, Although they will make a compact external one available for those who needs one, I would buy it just incase. this idea will save your machine to heat up too, I am up for a retina display iMac without the optical drive.
It all sounds very nice BUT no one is talking about the price. I find the current price of iCloud storage price very high and I will have to keep using SkyDrive where it is much cheaper and 25GB free. Yes iCloud sounds good but sorry not at the moment.  
I still have my 24' iMac and I will wait until a retina display or a higher resolution display iMac is out there, I am aware that I might be waiting for a long time but I have waited the third version of the iPhone to buy one and for iPad 3 to buy one, I can wait another 2 or 3 years, saying that I hope one with retina display will be out there this year, they could even put it as an extra cost option.
Be Aware, This is a trick, new pro macs will come very soon, this is just to continue selling current ones. Wake up guys, they are not going ti tell you their secret and have problem selling the current ones.
I agree.
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