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They should be the first real company to use Cydia, make a winterboard or dreamboard theme.
Google team: Oh Apple's rumored to be planning something? We better get on that. Maybe sue them and get some access to inside documents. Larry Page: lol lets do it
This is ridiculous. They're taking away features for the impaired just for money. This is crossing the line.
Looks pretty impressive, to be honest.
I jailbroke my iPhone 5...Cydia seems to be working for me..?
Bahahahaha. I'm not an author or an artist. Macs are bettter. End of story. 
For everyone wondering where Apple's official announcement for this is, it is http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2013/01/29Apple-Increases-iPad-with-Retina-Display-to-128GB.html
Honestly, this is really dumb. It's censorship. It's wrong. You're never going to be able to stop being from looking at porn. If they can't just use an app, they'll use safari. I'm not for porn, but you can't stop it.
I got my 21.5" one! It's great...wish I had invested in the fusion drive, though 😕...
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