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The problem is, the only thing investors are going to do right now (smart investors, that is 😂) are going to buy, because apple is only going to go up. And right now it's cheap...
Isn't this true for all retailers in the entire world? Other than at an Apple Store, I've never heard an iPhone recommended after the 4 came out. The 4 was the last one I ever heard reccoemended. Ever. 3 years ago.
I got mine! It's great. So much more impressive than the MBA. It's great. Fast, perfect, the design is insane.
Innovation isn't necessarily creating new products, it could be improving on older ideas, too. You have to perfect something before moving onto the next thing. I would rather offer 4 essential product lines (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac) that have been refined and perfected until each release is just incremental, just adding the latest technologies. I would rather that than 17 messy, unrefined projects that you can't focus on. Google should be focusing on making their OS more...
these people do all the drugs known to the planet. honestly they are idiots.
Imagine 10 Gbps internet over Thunderbolt 😻
My mom just texted me and asked if she should install java on her new PC (ugh, I know). I told her not to because of this. Does it effect PCs too?
The Mac Pro is the best computer on the market...2 years ago. If it was regularly updated, and I wanted a desktop, I would get it.
Ah, yes there is. Thank you.
So made a flexible OLED display that will never be used, and if it is used will not sell at all due to its impracticability and extremely high price. Well, that'll be...hmm...$200 Bil off of Apple's market cap...Microsoft is going to put projectors into every gamer's room to make a full room experience, well that'll take a 'jab' at Apple's massive console-gaming market, let's put their stock down to $13...and Samsung announced an 8 core chip, for what? Smartphones!!!???...
New Posts  All Forums: