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I was just trying not to make it cheaper than it ever will be. Let's face it: Apple's in it's own class, and it can charge whatever it wants and most of us will still buy some type of their product. You get what you pay for - that's my rationalization for buying a $1500 computer when you can get one for $300. And it isn't just a rationalization either, it's true. Apple just makes the best products and you can't even compete, and they can charge a lot because it is worth...
China is the most populous country in the world and Apple doesn't have every single person there buying iPhones. APPLE IS DOOMED
I ordered my iMac 21.5" on Sunday. It has already shipped. 2 days it shipped in, they're not as constrained as mentioned here. And it was custom, too.
I will definitely be going to T-Mobile when my contract with Verizon. Or, possibly, if the money situation is right, I will cancel Verizon and go to T-Mobile early. And what happened to the whole AT&T-T-Mobile deal where T-Mobile gets to use AT&T's spectrum? 
Along with a Mini, with Haswell, quad-core as a base-line config, 32 GB RAM option, etc.--I'd like to see a cheaper Apple display. Maybe a 23", I would say $999 is a bit much. And 27", IMO, is over doing it. I'd like to see a $500 21-23" and a $699-799 27". 
I like iTunes 11 except for the fact that it doesn't show your song stats at the bottom. Is there a way I can get that functionality back?
I don't get all the complaining about the size! I could use a 32" monitor as a TV with no problem. We haven't even upgraded from our 20 year-old square Sony Trinitron.
I got 67 Mb/s in Hartford...on Verizon. Good thing I stuck with Verizon, and not AT&T, because Hartford is a key location for me.
If you can't get a data plan, get an iPod touch 5. It's actually good.
Well, no...not yet today at least...
New Posts  All Forums: