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The site we aren't aloud to talk about (9 t o 5 m a c) did a review of one a few months ago. 
In other words, carriers suck.    And they do. They false advertise, lie and steal your money. Every carrier exec except possibly Sprint's should be in jail. And you can't go to Sprint because their coverage sucks
No, moderators can still be part of the discussion. And he does a great job, he never says "Shut up, I am a moderator", or uses the power to ban people who doesn't like. He only bans spammers. So you shut up. And "left" MacRumors? He didn't leave...
I'm might run Ubuntu on it. And I am dealing with a ton of photos. I just delete them periodically. Then I move them to the 2 TB HDD on my desk.
Or that
Then we will quote House: House: What do you do when you win? Kids: Party! House: What do you do when you lose? Kids: Party harder!This is after he jumps off of the balcony of the Champagne, hooker and self pity infested hotel room after Cuddy dumps him near the end of season 7. He goes back on Vicodin and dumps his life upside down.
Finally I can send out my invitations for the Apple winning party, anyone wanna come? There will be Appletinis and Apple flavored vodka.
I actually like SMS, but it does suck, from a practical standpoint. And if we are talking security, it needs to be overhauled.
Yeah, I already used it for my Starbucks card because the Starbucks app is terrible. Funny, the 4 year old Starbucks app is worse than the prerelease Apple software...
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