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I see the issue now. But I stil think we could fix it. SMS sucks. It needs to be reinvented with much better stuff. While they are reinventing it, might as well make it safe. And don't ask me who "they" are, cuz I have no idea.
I agree, I think al co.'s should do this.
By a real solution I mean a fix for the SMS spoofing so it's not just through iMessage that users are safe. We need it to be safe even if the person you are communicating with doesn't have an iPhone.
I like iMessage. But not everyone has an iPhone or Mac or iPad or iPod touch. We need a real solution, Apple.
13" Retina Model Better Battery Standard SSD 802.11ac Yes, Siri More than one input for headphones/speakers Better sound system (like the anniversary Mac) Maybe a 17" Retina with a number pad on the keyboard =)?
I know for a fact, that Samsung copied Apple's design in tablets and Galaxy smartphones. Does Judge Koh know that? I don't know. If she doesn't she at least has to know that the Galaxy Tab stole the iPad's design. AT LEAST!
Jake Smith on Twitter: "Judge Koh is the new Judge Judy. Just thought that was funny. It has absolutely nothing to do with the thread, but I thought is funny.
Thanks, I just need q little bit of a storage upgrade for my MBA 128 GB.
How do you know?
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