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Wow. WTF? What do you think? Is it real?
Yes, I remember Installer, lol. When I get my iPhone, I'm keeping both of my iPod touches jailbroken with one like hardcore hacked (like stuff I've made - just for testing) and the other just some simple stuff. And I will keep my iPhone clean.
I wouldn't think you were one to jailbreak.
No, it won't be missed. Now idiot "droiders" can stop bragging that they have the most retarded and dead playing tech. That's all I hear from them these days "yeah well we have flash, we can actually watch YouTube".
You beat me to it!
Thank you. Maybe some people will listen to you instead of being morons.
"Support for the speedier Long Term Evolution (LTE) -- or true 4G" WHAT? "TRUE 4G"? True 4G doesn't exist. True 4G requires 1 gigabit per second speeds, LTE does not have that. This really pisses me off, that the carriers have tricked everybody, even TECH bloggers, that they have "true 4G". Well they don't. LTE advanced will be the first network technology to actually be 4G according to the International Telecommunications Union-Radio communications...
I love how they call it the "i-Phone".
May that robber burn in hell for his actions against the greatest man to ever live.
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