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Except, you don't know him and therefor, cannot kick his ass. Sorry! But I bet you couldn't kick his ass anyways since your weak ass can't even make it to a decent school to learn how to not be stupid.
That is a sick screw, though. But I hope they don't do this. If I need to replace my screen, I have to unscrew stuff, and not being able to replace my screen would SUCK.
lol, that isn't an iPhone 4
There is no way IN HELL that the Mac Pro is losing it's optical drive unless they replace it with something like another PCI bay or just put another SSD there.
Wow, great news.
Bitch please
Dude that would be awesome. Plus 1
I liked the genius ads, and this one sucks. The voice is terrible, they need to hire a new person.
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