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RIM should just go ahead and sue Samsung too. Look at those "before iPhone"phones.
They were the best fucking ads I have ever seen.
I know, I was just trying to make people not be retards and believe me that it is called "Fancy" not "The Fancy", If it was available, my website would be logan.me, but it's not.
or this
Have you noticed this?
And it's "Fancy", not "The Fancy".
Fancy is actually a pretty cool service.
Ahh the censorship http://************/2012/08/03/schiller-forstall-industry-experts-and-samsung-execs-on-the-docket-as-apple-requests-numbers-to-be-withheld/ But anyways this was updated on 9to5 and: Update: the first ruling this morning is that Apple can’t keep its numbers withheld. Samsung can indeed reveal them. Read more at http://************/#wY7Z23ee1vAXuXWQ.99
I just love the finger condoms. IDK why they couldn't just put on normal latex gloves.
Yeah, this is ridiculous.
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