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Did anyone actually think they wouldn't have more than 50% of the market share?
yezz i haz hadz a mazterx
Hit or miss??? WTF, no it's always miss. Digitimzes hazzzzzzesss nooosx idezz waz theys towkinz abzoxutz................EVER
This is fricking retarded. Just because devs have no money to advertise and get famous doesn't mean Apple has a closed system. 
Just to clear this up for all the idiots out there, I think he is being sarcastic.
And lawsuit?
I hate Sprint. We had it for years and never had even 2G. And no one really needs more than 4-8 GB of data. 
Just start the trial and then we'll see what happens. I never thought suspense would grip me over trials.
See, Samsung can't argue that it was their email program's fault. If they cared, they would have pressed "save". They didn't, therefor it was their fault, not the email program's.
Seriously? There's going to be an Ender's Game movie? Yes!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: