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Finally! Been waiting for this since 2.0.
Not herpes, gonorrhea, or crabs. 
So 17% of people are somewhat likely to buy the iPhone 5? Well then that 17% should already own a fifth generation iPhone.
How can the headphone jack fit on the bottom of an iPod touch but no an iPhone?
Seriously? You don't have to "engage in negotiations". That is like two kids saying on the playground "but he didn't talk to me, I want him to talk to me".
Yeah, he was mean at times but he was always right and everything he did was either perfect, or perfected later down the line.
He wasn't a jerk he always got what he wanted, no matter the consequences. 
It has to be in the next few days as July ends soon. 
Wait, is this the 3G patent case?
Damn, I wonder if they would spend the money on this if they didn't pick EPEAT back up.
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