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I want a retina MBA.
Meh, looks like one of those Windows tablets. Thick, and prototype-looking. Of course, back then, this was great. 
That's terrible, the 16:9 aspect ratio sucks. Keep it how it is now. Widen it as well as lengthen it. 
3,600 more jobs. What are they all going to do? I think Apple is doing just fine as far as teams go. 
Go back the the Apple Store. But it does sound like a RAM failure.
No, the Droid Razr is 11.1 mm thick on the bump. If the new iPhone includes an actual camera it cannot be the thinness or the iPod touch. 
And I have no idea why...   But, is this on iPod touch, too? (the VIP mail and Shared Photo Streams)
Isn't the point of Game Center for Mac, really, to sync your achievements across iOS and OS X? Then why, is there no Apple chess app on iOS?
It's impossible, even with in-cell tech to make the iPhone as thin as the iPod touch. With LTE, possible NFC (lets hope not), better GPU/CPU and an actual camera, it is just to much extra. 
The AVERAGE is $313. This means the carriers shouldn't subsidize less, because they may still lose customers (on the iPhone). Some people may have said it is worth $500, does that mean that you are going to raise the price to 500, no. Some people probably said the $200 they bought it for, if AT&T, Verizon and Sprint raised the price, Apple may lose those customers. And it they were to make the price higher, would we still have to sign a two year contract? Or one? It...
New Posts  All Forums: