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So basically, you are stating the obvious fact that Apple's iPad will surpass notebook sales. Wait....didn't that already happen, last year?
Add me in to those statistics.
What a wonderful life I have. I can't wait for Apple to take less than .5% of their huge amount of cash and screw Google and Samsung until they scream for mercy and bow down to the real electronics company.
You're right. Nexus tablet will hurt Surface because they both suck and are going to go down together.
One of the first devices to sport Jelly Bean will be Google's own Nexus 7, a 7-inch tablet announced on Wednesday that hopes to nibble at the iPad's massive marketshare   You're right, all if will do is nibble, like a little baby rabbit on a mill9ion foot high tree
Oh wait, you are trying to compete with Apple?  I thought you were just giving them something to crush.
About the fan issue. My MBA fans never kick in, because it has an aluminum shell that is low heat.
Nice review. If I had one of these I would hate MagSafe2, all of cords come out of my Mac and into a socket behind it, not to the side of it. If I got the new cord, it would bend and eventually rip. It's a step back to the old MagSafes.
I can't believe Apple came out with this. I just bought the previous model. I want the Retina MBP =)
Got my dev account ready, cannot wait to install when I get home!
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