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Cool! I'm going to stay up for 36 hours now just to see what they dreams are!
Until the fall when they introduce the new iPhone, the iPhone 3G[S] will continue to be supported in future software updates and apple improvements. Lemme tell you something, the reason they are not supporting the iPad 1 is because they haven't sold it for 2 generations. Apple gives one year after they stop selling it for software updates, not one year after a new generation comes out, one year after they stop selling it. They still sell the iPhone 3G[S]. When the New...
No, the most valuable company in the world won't be a big contributer to economic growth. *sarcasm*
iOS 6, Mountain Lion and iCloud will all get updates. Or they won't and they will all tuen into one. "The most advanced operating systems in the world, unified into one". Just imagine. 
Will developer registering of devices change?
It's a good thing Corning is making flexible displays. If Apple decides to use them, I would be pissed if they got them from Samsung. 
You can't be a Ultrabook without an SSD. They are awesome. My MacBook Air is better than my parent's MacBook Pro because of it's SSD.
WWDC is next week. AAPL has a reputation of going down right after announcements but then skyrocketing when a few days after. Buy now if you're going to buy. 
That makes no sense. The MacBook was an entry level notebook that had just above adequate specs. This one is better than the MacBook Pro. And they're the same price? It doesn't make any sense. It would kill MacBook Pro sales.
One thing to say, haha.
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