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Can't make it happen on iPhone 5 6.0.1
so you are subsidizing $450 for an iPhone, but $100 for an iPad? thats messed up...
This is fucking ridiculous...
NINE OUT OF TEN?! Did they only ask soccer moms who want to look 'cool', but are worried about money...?
Remember that fiftythirtyeight is a very democratically biased survey. Not that I am in favor of an idiot winning the election (Romney). I will not be participating in this conversation anymore.
Well I just think that to wait 1 month for an iPhone is ridiculous. What if at the time that they ordered it online, the stores had 1 month until another shipment, they (the customers) put it online, and now people think that all stores have about the same time to wait as the online one, and they order it online preferring not having to go out? Now they happen to stop by an Apple Store and see they have them in stock. They have 3 weeks to wait before their iPhone comes,...
I have no idea about any of this stuff (hardware), would somebody fill me in? I mean, I know the basics, don't treat me like a child. Give me 10 (or as much as you can) reasons why switching to an ARM architecture would be bad on a Mac...   Thanks.
A little off topic: I went into my local (Westfarms mall) Apple store yesterday to buy an iPhone 5. They were out. I asked when they will get the next shipment and the guy said my best bet is next week, late next week, thursday or friday of next week. He said they are getting shipments once or twice a week. How is this fair? People who ordered their 5 online 2 weeks ago still have another 2 weeks before it can even ship, nevermind arrive! Can't they just take like 3/4 of...
Could I be put in the 'beta program'?   Thanks
I really don't understand why people would spend that money on a brand new device, go through the trouble to get one, etc. Do they really get the money to do this through ads?
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