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One On the LifeProof (case maker) website, they have mockups of the iPhone 5 life proof case. Well, they fucked up. Here:       Two:   Apple has posted a 'Help Sandy Victims' charity on iTunes and their website. It is handled by the Red Cross. Here is the link.    BTW: I live in Connecticut (not on the shore, though) and we barely got hit. Thanks for asking.      
**** the UK.
nope, just high fermented kool-aid is running in it
All of the text not crossed is non-idiocy. Bt me too, I saw it on Twitter by 9to5 and was like 'holy shit' and 'i gotta check this out'. So i headed over there, and wow, it was true, i never thought he would leave (Scott). He was a huge contributor to Apple and I would prefer him to stay. And Tallest is right, you should just leave. When only 1% of your post is good, you know you suck.
He looks high.
Nice! But holy crap that is expensive. WAIT! WHAT?! IT'S UNLOCKED?! WTF
Yeah... Sorry about that. I think....I'm going to take that out...
Screw GIZMODO, Screw AMAZON, Screw THE INTERNET. The internet is full of idiots. It seems like every idiot who can use CMD is working for some website, writing his anti-apple opinions, and then putting them on the front page of one of the most visited websites on the web. Gizmodo is full of Fandroids and people payed to write anti-apple articles. I just searched 'iPad Mini' on Amazon and the 4th result was the 7" Fire HD.   Whatabout cellular? Whatabout a decent app...
Hahaha sike?
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