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He's right, it is recreational. It is not meant for business. But it could be used for business. Or college...or anything you want...
Props to him.
**** Samsung.   'Nuff said.   Sike. Samsung just lost a shitload of money until they find a new way to make touchscreens.
I am so happy with the Air. I don't need anymore resolution that 1440x900 (13") I'm upset the iPad Mini isn't Retina. I think that we should focus on making our mobile devices hi res, then laptops and monitors.
Yeah, I can afford the full sized 3, but am getting the Mini just because I don't need a 10" iPad. Now there are some uses where you need a 10" one, but for what I will be using it for, the Mini is fine.
Sprint won?! Wow.   And the trip mics would explain the 5 winning, that's new, right...?
I've been running 8 in VB for a while now, and it sucks. Metro is useless. It took me days to figure out how to just get back to the Metro 'page'. I had to restart the machine (virtually) and reopen whatever. IE10 in Metro is pretty good (lookswise) but isn't that functional. The new desktop in 8 is pretty much the same. But it takes some getting used to switching from metro to the desktop every time. Here is my breakdown on Windows starting with XP (keep in mind that I...
3 days before my birthday. Gonna be getting.
DAMN! I didn't know about the contract thing. And that sucks because now Apple has no reason to rehire him since he can't be a jailbreaker now. Where is he going to work? What is going to do?
I'll take one. This will be my first iPad. The normal one is a little pricey, I'd rather buy a Mac Mini for $100 more...
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