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When mine comes in 3-4 weeks (yay!), I'm putting a Speck Candyshell on it, there, problem solved.
It will be Retina. I guarantee it. Apple is never making an iOS device without a Retina display ever again. It would be a step back.
Actually, they did lower the price of the previous gen. Last year it was 8 GB for $200, 32 GB for $300 and a 64 GB for $400 So, actually, it is the same price of the old one. Stop complaining. And now the old one is $200 or 16 GB. So... YOU'RE WRONG
Michael Steeber found it, it's on his blog. http://michaelsteeber.com/post/33602342635/google-maps-for-ios-6
Tallest - blow this shit up.
I found a screenshot 
16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, Verizon LTE, AT&T LTE, Sprint LTE, T-Mobile HSPA+, WiFi.
The iPod Nano 5G is the best iPod ever made. I don't understand why Apple refuses to put an FM radio transmitter into the touch... The camera on the 5G is genius. I'm not getting another Nano until they put the camera back. It is also very durable. Me and my friend taped it to an R/C car, put the camera on, and flipped the car over and over and crazy stuff like that. Not a scratch or scuff... It was a great device.
What iOS Maps Troubles?   Oh yeah, I remember.    Some "remote islands" () (-DED) and obscure locations are having some issues, aren't they? 
This review is TERRIBLE. Seriously? DED sounds like a child. "Most egregiously however, Google itself has jumped in with an attempt to propagate the notion that iOS 6 Maps will get you "iLost," something that doesn't really seem appropriate given that it was just a few years ago that CNET editor James Kim from San Francisco died while stranded in winter conditions, with his apparent reliance on Google Maps a contributing factor. Nobody was foolish enough to blame Google...
New Posts  All Forums: