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Haha, nice joke...   There will probably be an iPad mini. But I hope their isn't.
It was supposed to ship in October since the announcement. It was definitely not delayed, I looked into it the minute it was available for pre-order.
Ok, I believe that, but most modern music (not including rap) shows no emotion. It's about stupid stuff. Now I like Eminem, a lot. And if you listen to maybe, the, uh, Slim Shady LP (specifically the songs Rock Bottom and If I Had), you'll hear the emotion expressed. It is almost overwhelming. It is so deep, some people just see it as some rhymes and swears. And I have a very diverse library, anything from Eminem to Darryl Hall and John Oates. 
I love how all 9to5 and AI screenshots of iPhones are jailbroken.
Why does everybody hate rap? Rap is the only genre of music that really reflects how people feel and their emotions. Other music genres don't. They don't show that, they say "dance, dance!" or whatever. They are not real. None of my statements include Lil Wayne or any of those idiots (YMCMB).
I think we have gotten to the point where we should've realized that case makers DO NOT get prototypes. And they do not get leaked.
See the true definition of a patent troll guys?
Hey New York Times, Hi. I've been reading your stupid bullshit for a few months now, and have decided that your entire staff is a bunch of fucktards. You don't know shit about what you're writing, you don't know shit about the industry, and your writers are assholes. All they care about is destroying the bug guy, the successful guy. I guarantee that if (hmm, what companies do they praise( oh, oh, Google was a $625,000,000,000 company, you would be slamming them about...
Not to be a fucking idiot or anything but how many hours do that 3% work per week on average?
So all fo these Android devices are sold to whom, may I ask? To the companies themselves?
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