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iCoffee.   Funny enough I am looking at a coffee machine ad to the the right of this post right now.   Everyone likes coffee, right?
It's the end of Apple, I hates the back and those lines. Oop... that was last week. Everyone else ordered their 6 Plus yet?
128 gb for me
2 years from now will be iBone.  A Bone shaped construction of 7.2" in size.
Any word on the RAM specs?
 You're not suggesting analysts being people like anybody else who take rumours off the Internet sites and making stuff up to suit their preferances? Still at least they get paid.  I guess they should be the one's laughing.
To be frank, who really expects Apple 'not' to at least release both at the same time in limited quantities?  It wouldn't make business sense to make people wait.  People who want a 5.5" want one today let alone a month or 3 down the line.
 It just strikes me as worrying that if a small subset of society (celebrity) can be hacked, and these targeted individuals all had poor passwords and/or security questions, then a lot of people can be hacked there by rendering iCloud unsafe for a lot of people by virtue of their own idiocy.  Surely iCloud needs an extra security measure, like a unique alpha numeric pin or something, or something that can't be retrieved or searched for by a hacker.  Basically to act as an...
Um, well that's ok then?  We don't have to worry about our accounts being compromised unless we're celebrities being targeted?  Did I get that right?
 Regardless of what pictures are taken on your phone, any phone or computer they should be secure.  You may as well say never let anyone take your picture full stop.
New Posts  All Forums: