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There are numerous sites and sources all over the net citing Asia as a growing big screen phone market, so what's to stop those who've wanted a bigger screen but couldn't have one before because they don't want an iPhone alternative.... now they can.  I don't even see why it's such a bad thing, Apple have clearly reviewed this and come to the same conclusion.  They want to tap into a growing market ..
Are you still harping on?  Have you even paid attention to anything anyone has said in response to your previous posts or are you going to continue enlightening us in all your wisdom in complete ignorance, because that's all you're coming off as with every post at the moment: plain ignorant.
Why are people saying that Apple doesn't test their phones in more places than just the middle, like consumer reports are showing here?
Great, so you're no longer doubting the whole concept of Phablet's being a large and growing market in Asia then?  That link you were provided is one of a whole bunch you can find all over the net on the subject and you can choose to disbelieve all of them if you like.  I'd go as far as to suggest that Apple made a Phablet for that exact reason... they're popular in Asia and it's a market they can't currently compete in there until they launch.
Yet more wisdom from the learned Benjamin Ross to completely ignore to be honest.
I just read about an "almost imperceptible" bend off the otherwise amazingly positive 'Wired' review: http://www.wired.com/2014/09/iphone-6-plus-review/
Samsung's numbers ARE the Phablet market so far in Asia.  Given that we will soon have an 'Apple' Phablet over there we'll hopefully see that translated to similar sales for people who want an 'Apple' variant.  Do you see? Besides, he provided you a link with numbers.  So far you've only provided your mouthpiece.
Well that should be that then ..... right?
Nice but you could always go Grove Made for that.. : http://grovemade.com
New Posts  All Forums: