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I need to know about the u-bend cable.
 But what would that matter if the tests indicated the battery is adequate and more than competitive, and that they'd worked out a phone architecture that's just more efficient than your average Android or Windows phone due to some clever use of the on-board processor(s)?  For one we haven't seen any benchmarks, tests or anything, and another, this should battery size should still be classed as a 'rumour' or possibility until Apple confirms anyway, so I wouldn't be...
Christian Bale is a nut job but a good actor.. so possibly a good choice for Steve.  Bale (an English actor) is even falling into his American put-on accent during his on-set rant.  Brilliant..
Someone who wants to try out the email address and password they stole on other services where the combo might work maybe?
Great.  Must get me one of these.
 Won't verify won't verify won't verif... brr
Been going an hour, currently at 9 hours remaining.  Then 8.  No, 9 again.
They 'really' do not need to go bigger with the screen size. Anything bigger and it isn't a phone, so just buy an iPad mini instead if you just want a bigger screen, because you'd look stupid sticking it up to your face and using it as a phone. The current size is perfect.
 Just why are you so obsessed with spelling out that Apple isn't innovating?  By your own definitions no other smart phone companies are innovating either, they're only 'progressing', so why not mention some other brands whilst you're at it?  Or do you maybe count 'near-field communication' as a real big innovation?  That's something iPhone 5S isn't doing yet.  Well that sure as shit isn't, it's just some new thing some particular phone companies have decided to slap...
And still no 'Lovefilm' or BBC iPlayer.. Would also welcome keyboard / Apple TV function..
New Posts  All Forums: