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  Are you serious? I just checked and the weather app update got less than a minute of talk time in the whole of the hour-odd long keynote.  Also it is part of the end to end redesign of iOS and it's supposed to be demonstrated. You may not have gotten the memo of what the keynote was all about. Or are you just digging for crap to throw Apple's way by any chance...
You should write drama, you certainly have a very active imagination.  It's just a shame it's all based on your own fiction.
  I have seen the whole interview before but I'll try and find it again to understand this context you speak of. It remains a pretty clear statement / philosophy to me in any number of contexts.     I think iOS7 does lift a few great ideas though, and see nothing wrong with it.  We want the best OS we can after all.. don't we?
  This is actually a great video.  I don't see the problem with people admitting that the mobile operating systems are sharing all the best features, and even Steve said around '95 before coming back to Apple, "good artists copy, great artists steal and we've been shameless about stealing great ideas" etc...  That's one thing I don't get with regards some of Apple's latter day issues with certain companies and products.  Steve (and now Tim) continuing to get angry about...
I'm sure Apple will listen to their customer satisfaction results and usability feedback and if they don't get "it's amazing" they'll fix the bloody icon..
Well I for one love it!  An OS that is fitting for a beautiful bit of hardware (iPhone 5).  I actually like a lot of the design choices used anyway, translucency, matte looking colour, white (I have a white iPhone) and I think the new app switch will actually make people 'want' to use it more often because it just looks cool.  I know people who just don't care about app switching, they just find the app and re-open it..   I love the fact that the OS makes use of the...
Apple is the clear winner, they now have two decent map apps on their iPhone including their own which won't be found anywhere else.
Considering how many people moan(ed) about lack of it, why do Google persist in making street view functionality completely unintuitive to access and use until someone google's it and finds out.... I mean, we know it's there, people are talking about it and stuff, but where? etc.
  Well the better LTE support makes it more of a proposition in developing LTE territories such as here in the UK.  It should have been all those bands first time out though..
Almost there... when the iPad 9.7" gets as thin as the iPad Mini in depth and width I will finally buy an iPad.  I may even get the iPad Mini when they inevitably put out the retina version this time next year, or sooner.  So probably iPad 5th gen and Mini 2nd gen will be the one's that entice me in...  I love the look of the mini.  It needs to be translated into the 9.7" version as soon as possible!
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