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Would you mind explaining why this would happen?  Please make sure it's founded in facts and logic though.
http://www.fcc.gov/document/fcc-adopts-strong-sustainable-rules-protect-open-internetDoes that help?  Or are you looking for the actual Title II law itself?https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/47/201 Exactly which content of what law are you missing?
Yes.  It's called patents.  Intel owns them.  AMD has a license because IBM forced Intel to give it to them.  Cyrix has it for historical reasons.  No one else can make x86 CPUs.  AMD64 CPUs has additional AMD patents on top of it. But this is all moot anyway, the underlying CPU has been a RISC CPU for ages, ever since the Pentium Pro days.  They just hide it with a layer of microcode on top of it. So while it is technically feasible to run a x86 layer/microcode on top of...
I feel like buying some puts on them every once in a while... :)
You understand it's not meant for you to share with your *ADULT* kids, right?
Because the world wide web/http/html protocols was totally developed by a for profit company.  Oh, wait, Tim Berners-Lee explicitly did not patent it because he wanted it to be available to everyone.
Oh?  You know China and the Chinese market now?  My friends over in Asia are all talking about and buying Xiaomi phones.  No one is talking about Samsung phones any more. Why?  Because - again - mid tier prices for high end phones.  The biggest threat is not Samsung, but Xiaomi.  It is dumb not to recognize that.
Premise is way off base.  Looking at numbers alone, Apple's last quarter jumped up 6 million units.  Xiaomi's units jumped up 12 million units.  Even if all of Apple's increase were to come at the expense of Samsung, that's only a 6 million unit hit against Samsung.  Xiaomi's phones are comparable to Samsung's high end, but priced as a mid end, which is why they're growing so fast.   It is stupid to discount Xiaomi, and worse yet, it appears that profit isn't their...
Verizon fios, just WTF are you doing?  Since the release date, I have not been able to download iOS 8.  At work, it was downloaded in minutes.  I can download it across the VPN at 3MB/s.  But directly downloading from Apple?  5-6 days?  WTF Verizon?!
Is it one million more in store sales (Apple, telcos, walmart, etc) or is it one million more + online sales?  That was 4 million in the first 24 hours!
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