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Help me understand which part of what FCC did is bullshit?
It's not accessible if your device is locked.  Your device has to be unlocked, and trust the host computer.  Why did you unlock it and trusted the host computer?  Do you just trust any host computer for no reasons? If you didn't password protect it, err - why are you even worried about this, because you obviously don't care anyway.
 Are you qualified to evaluate the evidence?  If so, have you done so?  If not, you are basically saying that the climate scientists who *ARE* qualified to evaluate the evidence are overwhelmingly used to scare people?  And they do this because...?  It makes them feel good?  They get another pittance of a grant to continue the study? On the other hand, the ones screaming that global warming is not true are paid by Koch Bros, the oil and gas companies, and others who stand...
Bad timing. People who are likely to purchase this are all waiting for the iPhone 6.
AppleTV + HomeKit + Airport Extreme.
How did you make calls on the Mac?  I want to try that!  I already have yosemite and iOS 8 betas, so... :)
How do you do the phone calls hand off?
I see the smiley, but, you did read the article right... :)
Yes, yes and fucking YES!  I cannot understand how these idiots can survive with the kind of logic and thinking they have.
Very simple.  Payola from Samsung.  Didn't they spend $12 or $20 billion in marketing?
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