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AppleTV + HomeKit + Airport Extreme.
How did you make calls on the Mac?  I want to try that!  I already have yosemite and iOS 8 betas, so... :)
How do you do the phone calls hand off?
I see the smiley, but, you did read the article right... :)
Yes, yes and fucking YES!  I cannot understand how these idiots can survive with the kind of logic and thinking they have.
Very simple.  Payola from Samsung.  Didn't they spend $12 or $20 billion in marketing?
 You do realize that Apple did have OSX running on Intel for a few years before the MacBooks were released, right? http://www.quora.com/Apple-company/How-does-Apple-keep-secrets-so-well/answers/1280472 Why is it that just because you don't think something aligns with what you think Steve Jobs would or would not do makes it an "Elvis was my dad" story?
You do understand that Amazon would buy new ebook releases at $x and sell it at below $x, right?  This is to help create the market, as well as to corner the market. What Apple asked was that when Apple pays $y for the books, $y will never be more than $x. Consumers still could go get whatever discounts Amazon wanted to offer, from Amazon.
 Err, you *DO* realize that Outlook for Mac showed up for the first time in Office for Mac 2010 right?  How is that "traditionally"?? Also, while OutLook on Windows saves to PST files, Outlook on Mac *DOES NOT SAVE TO PST FILES* so good luck trying to work with a Mac's Outlook saved file on Windows.  On opening a PST, Outlook on Mac has to convert it first, and it's painful if it's a large PST.
You do realize that on a Mac anyway, if it detects an iPhone or iPad, it can up the amperage and charge faster.  I first saw it a couple of years back when I was charging with my Mac, and then with the PC - on the PC, a message popped up on the iPad saying that the charging current is too low and would take a long time (500 mA - took a whole day and night to charge). http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4049http://www.djtechtools.com/2010/07/14/macbook-usb-port-inequality/
New Posts  All Forums: