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  As someone with 20/10 eyesight[1], I'll call bull shit on this.  According to the guys who talk about these sorts of things, I can see dots up to about 450dpi.   So, depending on the dpi on the new 4K display (I doubt if it'd be 450dpi), I *CAN* see a difference.   [1]  Not everyone wears glasses or have shitty eyesight, thanks.
I wish that the developers would add one single item to Preferences - *DISABLE COHERENCE BY DEFAULT* Damn, I hate that shit.
in a star shaped configuration, one at each corner of the camera! :)
The other speculation said IGZO screen - anyone know how much power savings that would translate to?
  I like reading the facts.  I hate the bloody spin.  
Curious if the camera includes infrared - cue all the "see through clothes" comments.
I like the idea that the bright light/white display is to take advantage of Apple's display while making sure the OLED will kill its batteries trying the same. If this came out during the iPhone 3GS/4 days, it might have stopped Samsung. Better late than never though.
  Was there something in what I said where I indicated I wasn't aware that it was beta?  Is the fanboys syndrome so strong that I cannot state that the current battery life sucks?  Simply making a statement is now an attack against you or Apple?   I could have sworn we were discussing our experiences with beta1.  Thank god I didn't even mention the bugs I've found, my god, I had better put on my asbestos suit...
You realize how stupid your comment is when the only thing that changed was the OS?   It worked fine in iOS 6.  It kills batteries in iOS 7.  Is that really a difficult concept for you?
Battery life sucks ass.  If you play Clash of Clans, say goodbye to your battery life.  I have to manually kill it after I'm done each time, because, otherwise, it'll run in the background.   There needs to be a way, perhaps an advanced tab, where you can give zero cpu to a background app.  Seriously, I don't need background apps to run, other than to pick up notifications (ie, when a notification comes in, wake up, pick up the message, and then zero cpu again).
New Posts  All Forums: