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 Err, you *DO* realize that Outlook for Mac showed up for the first time in Office for Mac 2010 right?  How is that "traditionally"?? Also, while OutLook on Windows saves to PST files, Outlook on Mac *DOES NOT SAVE TO PST FILES* so good luck trying to work with a Mac's Outlook saved file on Windows.  On opening a PST, Outlook on Mac has to convert it first, and it's painful if it's a large PST.
You do realize that on a Mac anyway, if it detects an iPhone or iPad, it can up the amperage and charge faster.  I first saw it a couple of years back when I was charging with my Mac, and then with the PC - on the PC, a message popped up on the iPad saying that the charging current is too low and would take a long time (500 mA - took a whole day and night to charge). http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4049http://www.djtechtools.com/2010/07/14/macbook-usb-port-inequality/
 No.  At least not what you imply.  CCC has been around for 20 years or longer, and does what it claims - hacking.  When IE came out, they went on national TV to show bank funds transferred from one account to another, without anything showing on the screen. They hack things.  This is hackable, so they hacked it.
And this means Apple's sales will drop and Apple is dying!!!!!
How much do you pay a month for cellular service?  I have a "bring your own" iPhone on tmobile's pay as you go.  $30/month for unlimited text/data and 100 minutes.   I haven't seen a $10/$15/month plan for unlimited data for any device, though I've seen one for $25.
 Like I keep telling the android fanbois - *YOU* are not the target market.
Wait. Aren't Android apps mostly ad driven apps? Are they not using their add driven apps??!
A7 in 2014's iPhone. Don't see it in 2013. iOS 7 had so many changes that I doubt they'd also do a toolchain upgrade at the same time.
  As someone with 20/10 eyesight[1], I'll call bull shit on this.  According to the guys who talk about these sorts of things, I can see dots up to about 450dpi.   So, depending on the dpi on the new 4K display (I doubt if it'd be 450dpi), I *CAN* see a difference.   [1]  Not everyone wears glasses or have shitty eyesight, thanks.
I wish that the developers would add one single item to Preferences - *DISABLE COHERENCE BY DEFAULT* Damn, I hate that shit.
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