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Wait. Aren't Android apps mostly ad driven apps? Are they not using their add driven apps??!
A7 in 2014's iPhone. Don't see it in 2013. iOS 7 had so many changes that I doubt they'd also do a toolchain upgrade at the same time.
  As someone with 20/10 eyesight[1], I'll call bull shit on this.  According to the guys who talk about these sorts of things, I can see dots up to about 450dpi.   So, depending on the dpi on the new 4K display (I doubt if it'd be 450dpi), I *CAN* see a difference.   [1]  Not everyone wears glasses or have shitty eyesight, thanks.
I wish that the developers would add one single item to Preferences - *DISABLE COHERENCE BY DEFAULT* Damn, I hate that shit.
in a star shaped configuration, one at each corner of the camera! :)
The other speculation said IGZO screen - anyone know how much power savings that would translate to?
  I like reading the facts.  I hate the bloody spin.  
Curious if the camera includes infrared - cue all the "see through clothes" comments.
I like the idea that the bright light/white display is to take advantage of Apple's display while making sure the OLED will kill its batteries trying the same. If this came out during the iPhone 3GS/4 days, it might have stopped Samsung. Better late than never though.
  Was there something in what I said where I indicated I wasn't aware that it was beta?  Is the fanboys syndrome so strong that I cannot state that the current battery life sucks?  Simply making a statement is now an attack against you or Apple?   I could have sworn we were discussing our experiences with beta1.  Thank god I didn't even mention the bugs I've found, my god, I had better put on my asbestos suit...
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