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Battery life sucks ass.  If you play Clash of Clans, say goodbye to your battery life.  I have to manually kill it after I'm done each time, because, otherwise, it'll run in the background.   There needs to be a way, perhaps an advanced tab, where you can give zero cpu to a background app.  Seriously, I don't need background apps to run, other than to pick up notifications (ie, when a notification comes in, wake up, pick up the message, and then zero cpu again).
  Think about all those free charging stations at airports, etc.   Now consider that someone could have a computer there behind it, sucking down all your data.   Having the phone authorize the computer to do that is a good thing, right?
syncing between itunes and ios7 is weird. Do not install if you have hundreds of apps. Do it as a new phone, or you will just go into endless cycles of reboots. The folder is weird too. Two issues. 1) only 9 icons. The rest gets sent to "page 2" of the folder. 2) However, when you sync from itunes to phone, itunes can only hand 12 icons in a folder, and the extras get kicked out of the folder. And yes, it means if you do it on the phone, you can have more than...
How do you rackmount these?!
I like this article, and I like to share appleinsider articles that are well written, but when you add things like "Google's hobbyist Android platform", it turns this into a name calling territory. Also, why doesn't the chart show the number of Google accounts? I believe that number is on par with what FB has. Comparing the number of credit cards on file would be a better metric.
One of the final slides show apple selling ebooks at $14.99 and amazon at $9.99. Where is the problem?!?!
  Err, you do realize webOS is basically palmOS?  In what way is FireFoxOS like PalmOS...?
No no no no no, that's too little...   As I understand it, they get 30% of the entire class of claims (which Apple knows, because they have a record of who's denied claims).   They also get the interest on the account, as they pay out to the individual claimants, and probably get to keep the $$ of those who ignore or did not want to claim.
What in the world are you pissing off about?  AT&T and Verizon's CEO have specifically said iPhone brought them lots of business.  AT&T grew for 5 years at Verizon's expense because of the iPhone.   Do you think the telco hate subsidies?  Do you really think so?  When it gains them an extra $1k/year over unsubsidized phones?  What in the world are you smoking?   The other cell companies that do not offer iPhone, like DoCoMo is because they want a slice of the app store...
I want one with all the health sensors. I wouldn't have to buy a replacement fitbit then. Otherwise, I can pull my phone out of my pocket, TYVM.
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