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I like the idea that the bright light/white display is to take advantage of Apple's display while making sure the OLED will kill its batteries trying the same. If this came out during the iPhone 3GS/4 days, it might have stopped Samsung. Better late than never though.
  Was there something in what I said where I indicated I wasn't aware that it was beta?  Is the fanboys syndrome so strong that I cannot state that the current battery life sucks?  Simply making a statement is now an attack against you or Apple?   I could have sworn we were discussing our experiences with beta1.  Thank god I didn't even mention the bugs I've found, my god, I had better put on my asbestos suit...
You realize how stupid your comment is when the only thing that changed was the OS?   It worked fine in iOS 6.  It kills batteries in iOS 7.  Is that really a difficult concept for you?
Battery life sucks ass.  If you play Clash of Clans, say goodbye to your battery life.  I have to manually kill it after I'm done each time, because, otherwise, it'll run in the background.   There needs to be a way, perhaps an advanced tab, where you can give zero cpu to a background app.  Seriously, I don't need background apps to run, other than to pick up notifications (ie, when a notification comes in, wake up, pick up the message, and then zero cpu again).
  Think about all those free charging stations at airports, etc.   Now consider that someone could have a computer there behind it, sucking down all your data.   Having the phone authorize the computer to do that is a good thing, right?
syncing between itunes and ios7 is weird. Do not install if you have hundreds of apps. Do it as a new phone, or you will just go into endless cycles of reboots. The folder is weird too. Two issues. 1) only 9 icons. The rest gets sent to "page 2" of the folder. 2) However, when you sync from itunes to phone, itunes can only hand 12 icons in a folder, and the extras get kicked out of the folder. And yes, it means if you do it on the phone, you can have more than...
How do you rackmount these?!
I like this article, and I like to share appleinsider articles that are well written, but when you add things like "Google's hobbyist Android platform", it turns this into a name calling territory. Also, why doesn't the chart show the number of Google accounts? I believe that number is on par with what FB has. Comparing the number of credit cards on file would be a better metric.
One of the final slides show apple selling ebooks at $14.99 and amazon at $9.99. Where is the problem?!?!
  Err, you do realize webOS is basically palmOS?  In what way is FireFoxOS like PalmOS...?
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