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The book sellers allow this? Doesn't this blow their read-out-loud books?
Hey Samsung, if you pay me, I'll be happy to post good news about Samsung and bad news about Apple. Come on, what do you say? I will even do it from my Nexus 4. #postaround820
Honestly, if you are being serious, this is a really fucked up view.
It's too hard to make plastic cases... :P
$50bil more in stock buy back? At 939 mil outstanding shares, that's $53/share. Isn't this Tim Cook saying "**** you", in the most classy way possible, to Wall Street? This is style!
Samsung admitted to paying college students to report fake problems with their HTC phones in Taiwan.  Turns out that Samsung also hired a marketing agency to create fake blogs in UK and...
Hmm... "moumantai", phonetically, in cantonese, means "no problem". Is this someone having a joke then...?
Doesn't it run under Wine/Crossover?   *poke poke*  Yup it does: http://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/browse/name/?app_id=11592
So... basically 2014 iPad/iPhones will have the authentic stuff integrated directly on to the A7 series processor?
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