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No no no no no, that's too little...   As I understand it, they get 30% of the entire class of claims (which Apple knows, because they have a record of who's denied claims).   They also get the interest on the account, as they pay out to the individual claimants, and probably get to keep the $$ of those who ignore or did not want to claim.
What in the world are you pissing off about?  AT&T and Verizon's CEO have specifically said iPhone brought them lots of business.  AT&T grew for 5 years at Verizon's expense because of the iPhone.   Do you think the telco hate subsidies?  Do you really think so?  When it gains them an extra $1k/year over unsubsidized phones?  What in the world are you smoking?   The other cell companies that do not offer iPhone, like DoCoMo is because they want a slice of the app store...
I want one with all the health sensors. I wouldn't have to buy a replacement fitbit then. Otherwise, I can pull my phone out of my pocket, TYVM.
If Apple comes out with a mid tier phone, it will be *one* memory size. Probably 16GB. I doubt if they want someone buying a 64GB mid tier iPhone that cost about the same as the iPhone 5S. Look at what they did with the older iPhone 4S/4 when the 5 came out. Only the lowest memory tier is available.
The book sellers allow this? Doesn't this blow their read-out-loud books?
Hey Samsung, if you pay me, I'll be happy to post good news about Samsung and bad news about Apple. Come on, what do you say? I will even do it from my Nexus 4. #postaround820
Honestly, if you are being serious, this is a really fucked up view.
It's too hard to make plastic cases... :P
$50bil more in stock buy back? At 939 mil outstanding shares, that's $53/share. Isn't this Tim Cook saying "**** you", in the most classy way possible, to Wall Street? This is style!
New Posts  All Forums: