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http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2013/01/29/whatsapps-privacy-investigated-by-joint-canadian-dutch-probe/   One of the links I saw was this.  Sounds like they are taking care of it.
Really?  At first glance, it looks very similar to iMessage.  
Seriously?  You don't like it, so it's spam?  These are messages from people in your contact list.  So, if you think it's spam, maybe you're adding the wrong people to your address book?
Samsung Taiwan had originally claimed that it was unaware of the FTC’s actions, but later wrote on its Facebook page that it regretted “any inconvenience and confusion from the Internet event,” adding that “Samsung Taiwan has halted all Internet marketing such as posting articles on websites.” So...  *oopsies, we're sorry we got caught*???!  Still, only a fine of up to $835,000 - that's less than a million!  Impressive that the largest Android vendor feels the need to...
He was not the co-founder.
Jobs wasn't "successful" with Pixar.  He funded Pixar.  Ed Catmull was the man behind Pixar, as was John Lasseter.
Do people even compare the numbers before making such claims?  You know, column A, price after 2 years, and column B, price after 2 years, and see which is higher?
Seriously?  What's a good looking app then?
Thank you for mentioning the game.  Now I have *ANOTHER* game to resist temptation on....  Gah!!!   I used to play Mafia Wars quite a lot, at one point, I could start a new character and take it (manually, without cheating!!!) to level 500 in 3+ hours :P   I really need to keep away from these sorts of games 
And it is going to play Farmville and Mafia Wars, right? Without that, how can it ever succeed...
New Posts  All Forums: