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This!!!!  American Football is a really stupid "sport" in its current incarnation.  How many minutes of play for a 4 hour wall clock time again?  And of course, how many head traumas?  The whole game is designed around that.   But try to criticize it, and oh my...
And running antivirus, and getting malware and registry corruption and any number of Windows issues.  Yay!
Yes.  All people who speak proper english spell it aluminium.  Only Americans get mislead by craze idiots...   :P :P :P
http://rense.com/general20/transparentalum.htm   :)
Seriously?  So someone banging on your web server repeatedly, bringing it to its knees is your web server having a serious weakness rather than a DOS attack? You really should learn how computers work.
Just a note - it is impossible for an iPad to cannibalize PC/Windows sales. The word does not mean what you think it means. Eat into - yes Cannibalize - no.
Here's something that pisses me a little about iPhones.  Only apps that apple allows can use the share link from Safari.  That is stupid.  If I want to share link via Google Plus app, I have to cut and paste it.   That is just being mean and spiteful.  They should have a setting in Privacy like they do for contacts and so on, and you can enable and disable sharing via that.   Also like the multiple, user selectable, keyboards.   However, I will note that I...
Try Battery Doctor for the memory use.  It pulls a lot of information that is impressive!
Seriously?  What the **** is wrong with people nowadays?  The *FOUNDER* of Apple cannot have a different opinion from you?  Or say anything that is even slightly critical?
Someone help me understand the numbers. AT&T sold 80% iphones. Verizon sold 60% or so iPhones. Sprint is selling 38% iPhones. TMobile selling 0% iPhones (only talking about what these companies sell, not off contract/ebay/etc phones). How the hell is this an "Android beats iPhone in sales" situation?!?!?! WTF am I missing?
New Posts  All Forums: