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Yes.  All people who speak proper english spell it aluminium.  Only Americans get mislead by craze idiots...   :P :P :P
http://rense.com/general20/transparentalum.htm   :)
Seriously?  So someone banging on your web server repeatedly, bringing it to its knees is your web server having a serious weakness rather than a DOS attack? You really should learn how computers work.
Just a note - it is impossible for an iPad to cannibalize PC/Windows sales. The word does not mean what you think it means. Eat into - yes Cannibalize - no.
Here's something that pisses me a little about iPhones.  Only apps that apple allows can use the share link from Safari.  That is stupid.  If I want to share link via Google Plus app, I have to cut and paste it.   That is just being mean and spiteful.  They should have a setting in Privacy like they do for contacts and so on, and you can enable and disable sharing via that.   Also like the multiple, user selectable, keyboards.   However, I will note that I...
Try Battery Doctor for the memory use.  It pulls a lot of information that is impressive!
Seriously?  What the **** is wrong with people nowadays?  The *FOUNDER* of Apple cannot have a different opinion from you?  Or say anything that is even slightly critical?
Someone help me understand the numbers. AT&T sold 80% iphones. Verizon sold 60% or so iPhones. Sprint is selling 38% iPhones. TMobile selling 0% iPhones (only talking about what these companies sell, not off contract/ebay/etc phones). How the hell is this an "Android beats iPhone in sales" situation?!?!?! WTF am I missing?
The new Mac Pro - a stack of Mac Minis in the Mac Pro box!
an iPad 5 with the current thickness using all the components people are talking about, and all the extra space for battery, so that I can have a 20 hour battery?   I would buy it.
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