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He was not the co-founder.
Jobs wasn't "successful" with Pixar.  He funded Pixar.  Ed Catmull was the man behind Pixar, as was John Lasseter.
Do people even compare the numbers before making such claims?  You know, column A, price after 2 years, and column B, price after 2 years, and see which is higher?
Seriously?  What's a good looking app then?
Thank you for mentioning the game.  Now I have *ANOTHER* game to resist temptation on....  Gah!!!   I used to play Mafia Wars quite a lot, at one point, I could start a new character and take it (manually, without cheating!!!) to level 500 in 3+ hours :P   I really need to keep away from these sorts of games 
And it is going to play Farmville and Mafia Wars, right? Without that, how can it ever succeed...
What's the benefit of unbuffered ram?
This is pretty interesting.  Is #PostAround820 a CCTV (China's television network) extortion scheme - it's been noted that if you buy ads on their network, you don't get featured, or is this a Samsung scheme - Peter Ho is the spokesperson for Samsung, or is this an unholy alliance of the two of them? On the warranty period on replacement products - it should be noted that Seagate and Western Digital not only do not honor the original warranty on replacement hard...
They also have another store where they discount hardware, sometimes by up to 10%!!!  And even throw in free iPod Touch (when I bought mine)!!!   So unfair and definitely not honest of them to offer an educational discount...   Are you seriously on crack or something?  Every major electronics company has an ebay store.  
Motorola Mobility is cutting 1,200 staff, in addition to a reduction of 4,000 staff it announced in August, to focus on high-end devices. Curious how everyone keeps harping on Apple to produce low end devices then...?! http://www.networkworld.com/news/2013/030813-google-will-cut-1200-more-267509.html
New Posts  All Forums: