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The new Mac Pro - a stack of Mac Minis in the Mac Pro box!
an iPad 5 with the current thickness using all the components people are talking about, and all the extra space for battery, so that I can have a 20 hour battery?   I would buy it.
Isn't it interesting how Google didn't meet expectations and still went up 4%? http://www.marketwatch.com/story/google-profit-jumps-as-sales-surge-2013-01-22?siteid=bnbh
I'll be testing out T-Mobile's $30 unlimited text/data + 100 minutes plan on an iPhone 4S.  That, with a Google Voice and Talkatone, will be extremely cheap...
Wasn't DoCoMo the company that loudly and proudly proclaimed that if Apple won't let them customize the iPhone (read: install crapware), they won't sell it? My.... how quickly do they change their tune...
seriously, are you guys saying Apple shouldn't pay for the right to use it?
I can't believe they actually thought this was a good move.  And then proceeded not to test it properly.  Publicly naming and shaming their legitimate users is really a...  terrible move.   However, the bigger question is - why did Apple allow this app to go into the appstore.  There is *NO DAMNED REASON* a dictionary app should have mandatory/forced access to twitter.  *N*O*N*E*.   Apple's app store should have a policy where an app *CANNOT* demand access, but...
Is it just me, or did everyone just gloss over the fact that the keyboard cover is $$ and should have been included in the review price, since the review was of the system with the cover.
I dunno.  That 250 page document that showed up in court seems to indicate they do.
What you are saying doesn't make sense.  If you think Apple entering the TV market makes them a monopoly in that market, seeing that Samsung outsells Apple on smartphones and currently has a bigger share of the TV market than Apple, does it mean you are OK with Samsung being a monopoly in every industry possible? That's just screwed up.   And the CPU guy used to be the VP of design at AMD for 16 years.  What's wrong with poaching him?  Who do you think designs stuff at...
New Posts  All Forums: