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    Hold on there, Buster.  Everything Apple does is to make the User Experience better.   Apple went to their own maps NOT to make money, but instead, to please their users.  Apple would NEVER do ANYTHING for profits - profits are a mere accidental by-product of producing the BEST USER EXPERIENCE.   So it simply CANNOT be true that Apple's maps are not as good as Google's.  Apple uses the BEST mapping available, because it loves each and every one of its users.         /s
    Those fools at Google will never catch up to Apple!  
    Well, maybe Samsung should spend a little less time developing the backbone elements of modern communication infrastructure and a little more time patenting the obvious.   Just a suggestion.
Given that your reply in no way relates to my post,  I'm not sure why I am responding.   Maybe I need to simplify:  Tax breaks distort the market.  Given that they distort the market, they can work to nearly everybody's disadvantage in a macroeconomic manner.  The economy is worse off because of them, even if the local actors are ahead.   No portion of my post denied that local actors try to get the best deal for themselves.   No portion of my post denied that Apple has...
    I'm not certain that tax breaks supress competition.  Instead, they are a form of subsidy, and they distort the market.   Apple should put the data center in the best location for Apple.  The one that is most efficient in every sense of the word.  By offering a subsidy for Reno, the equation changes.  If the subsidy is large, Apple discounts other factors such as cost and availability of skilled labor, cost and availability of electricity, cost and availability of...
    This is all totally off-topic.  It is an attempt to derail the thread.
So much for "Doubling Down on Secrecy".
  True.  But the possibilities seem truly endless, eh?  
    4S, 4G LTE, 5, 5S and THEN the iPhone 6.  Mark my words.
  Has Apple ever coincided the generation of their phone with the name?  Other than once, with the iPhone 4?  It seems that in general, the generation number has nothing to do with the name picked by the marketing folks.    Maybe they'll can the numbers this time around?  Maybe the iPhone LTE?
New Posts  All Forums: