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    There are two likely responses when the verdict comes out:   If Apple wins, then anybody who disagrees with the verdict will be villified. If Apple loses, then anybody who agrees with the verdict will be villified.
    Apple is shameless about stealing great ideas.
    If you are saying that each player acts in its own self-interest, then few would disagree.   If you are saying that doing so is somehow bad, more people might disagree.
    Nope.  Never had occasion to pay much attention to who is using what name.  Next time around, that will be a factor however.
    You need to learn that the language which is acceptable here is defined by its context.    Given certain speakers and certain subject matter, anything goes.
    The new iPhone 4G could be the iPhone that brings 4G to the rest of the world.  Not an ATT exclusive anymore.   This is all MarketingSpeak.  Whatever gets the damn things out the door fastest is what will be deemed the best name.   And besides, Apple has done things in the past that may have pissed off ATT.  But they did them anyways.  
    That makes as much sense as calling it the iPhone 6.
  There is no pattern.         There  has already been an iPhone 4.  Of course that will not be its name.   If there has been any pattern whatsoever, it is that when Apple keeps the same basic appearance, it also keeps the same number.     3G to 3GS.  4 to 4S.   And if Apple really does release the new iPhone as a stretched iPhone 4, with 4G as the main enhancement and selling point, then calling it the iPhone 4G seems like something Apple might do.   Clearly there is a...
    Irrelevant.  That makes no difference.   People are clamoring for 4G.  Would the iPhone 4G satisfy their desire?  Is there any question in a customer's mind when he hears the name?   Yeah, I got the iPhone 4G.  Yep.  The fast one.  It's got the 4 inch screen too!  Its the best iPhone 4 ever!
    All true.     But also consider that all licensed cables and connectors and docks and such could be required to cover the headphone jack, whether it is used or not for the particular application.  That way, people could not just plug the headphone jack into some unauthorized accessory while charging.  People would be MUCH more likely to buy the authorized accessories, yielding licensing revenue for Apple.   The Apple cable supplied with the unit is likely to cover the...
New Posts  All Forums: