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  You should be. While all religions are based upon myths and legends, Mormonism is extremely more silly than most. These nutcases need to be exposed and ridiculed. There is no place in the modern world for such destructive beliefs. The Age of Enlightenment should have solved this supernatural friend-in-the-sky problem once and for all, but there are still vestiges of superstition in the world. Do you realize how many people actually believe that "Prayer works"?
    No matter what anyone says, the guy knew how to turn a buck.
  Because:   1.   Everybody's always pickin' on Apple. 2.   Everybody who doesn't hate Google is a hypocrite.
    Of course not.  Neither of those bases would make any sense at all. If they made sense, apple would have been all over them like stink on shit.   But that doesn't stop the armchair lawyers who never attended any law school classes whatsoever, not even at the worst law school in all of the Americas. Nope.  He proposes novel grounds for appeal, all of which are rejected by Apple.
  So not being expert enough to come down flatly WRT the issues he raised is the same as being incompetent to hear the issues in the Apple lawsuit?   Logic can be your friend.  But only if you stop skipping over the adjectives and realize what  people are really saying.
    Rational people have STFU long enough.  These crazy supernatural fairy tales need to be publicly rejected and ridiculed.
    I have no idea in Win8, but with 7 multiscreen stuff works fine with fullscreen.   I can, for example, run VLC fullscreen on the big TV using HDMI, while using the screen on the laptop as normal.  There are options allowing you to mirror the desktop, extend it, or use the second monitor as a separate screen altogether.   I was surprised to learn that OSX has such problems with full screen views.
  Apple is unlikely to come out with a new product line unless they can target pretty much everybody as a potential buyer.  I suspect that there are not enough amateur/semi-pro users to justify that as a new product line.  Not only that, but the market is well served now by Nikon and Canon.  Apple is only going to enter a new market with something new.
    And when you receive an email containing a message, copies of several related Word documents, a coupe of spreadsheets, and many photos of today's condition of the job site, some  inline with  the email, some embedded in the word docs, some as footnotes to the spreadsheets, you want them all together in the file system under /projects/project x/...   It is up to the user to decide where and how to store their stuff.  Nobody in their right minds would take physical...
    Do you do any work with  either of these platforms?   I've heard both breathless stories about the greatness of the Strawberry Pi and reviews which indicate that it cannot run video smoothly.  both viewpoints are likely accurate.   I've also heard about x86 systems starting at $50.     Do you see any trend towards ultra-cheap ultra-simple stripped-down hardware for general hobbyist use?  Are we entering a new age of computer experimentation by amateurs?  Will these...
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