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    "Oh Ess What?"   --Typical computer user
    Companies often do that.  They would rather have one "losing" quarter and get it over with.  My guess is that they don't want any overhang into the future, which would give folks (like the ones here?) the impression of continuous lowered profits.   They are taking their lumps all at once.  Future quarters will not be subject to nagging losses from this acquisition - all the losses have already been taken.  It is not at all uncommon for companies to do this.  It is...
    Had they split up the writeoff over the past several years, no loss would have been announced ever.   Had they decided to write the whole thing off next quarter, no loss would have appeared this quarter.   Had they made 8 Billion in other profit this quarter, no loss would have been announced this quarter.   It  is an accounting decision.  They lost real money, but the fact that they take the loss all at once, in a quarter with insufficient profits to "cover " it,...
    That is exactly why Apple's efforts in court are so laughable.  They need to pick their battles instead of wasting time and resources on these loser cases.
    The only reason why the sales of any Apple product ever go down is because people are waiting to buy the next model.   It is never because Apple has fallen behind the newer stuff from other manufacturers.   /AppleThink
    I'm not sure that "the sheer multitude of Android devices" has anything to do with it.   Android is killing Apple in the cellphone market, but in tablets, not so much.  And yet, there are a multitude of Android tablets.   Why do people prefer Android phones, but also prefer Apple tablets?   I don't think that the multitude of Android devices is a good reason.
  The publisher can't sell it for what he wants after he has sold the particular copy of the work to a retailer like Amazon.  That is part of what is known as the "first sale doctrine".   Amazon owned the books in question.  They were free to sell them "for what the owner wants" - because they were the owner.   You seem to think that the publishers had some right to resale price maintenance. That is a contract right, at most, and seemingly, the publishers did not have the...
There are exceptions to the general hearsay rule.  One such exception is for admissions against one's own interests.  Steve's statement wasn't deemed admissible under this exception, but my guess is that Samsung tried to use the exception:   An admission against interest is an exception to the hearsay rule which allows a person to testify to a stament of another that reveals something incriminating, embarassing, or otherwise damaging to the maker of the statement. It is...
It is good to see AI do some original research an to publish an original story.
  Bus routes sound good too.    You  can ride a bus from Boston to NYC for well under $20.   But buses are slow.
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