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    Not because his ruling will get press in and of itself.     But instead, due to the advertising Apple is being ordered to run.  Combined with the buzz about the ruling.
    AppleThink is always proven to be correct eventually.   Stay Strong!
How  humiliating for Apple.   And so much for those who claimed that Apple's legal losses are not damaging its image with consumers.  Even were that true in the past, this would put an absolute end to any notion that consumers are not aware of apple's legal tactics.
    It might make sense to do both.  Keep in mind that the government subsidized highways might cost more per passenger mile than government subsidized mass transportation, however.   The US Interstate Highway System costs billions of dollars to build and maintain.  In general, it is free to use.  Trucking companies, while they pay taxes intended to offset some costs, are heavily subsidized by gaining access to the highways.   In general, trains cost less than trucks,  In...
  2.  The Hong Kong court did what?  They have no jurisdiction over ownership of a trademark in a different country, and were deciding whether or not to grant a gag order, but that doesn't matter.    What does matter is that the only Chinese court to issue a decision said that Apple did NOT buy the Chinese trademark in the transaction in question.  That is why Apple appealed.
    Since when does "reportedly misleading claim"  =  "Blatant falsehood"?
    Data Hogs ruin it for the rest of us.  They slow down the network and use more than their fair share.
    It was the first thing that popped into my mind - even when I saw that Apple planned to buy "tracks" of land...
    Spell checkers and editors have different jobs.  AI has only one of them. They need to keep better tract of these things. :)
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