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Apple accused again.  Same as it ever was.
    So which one was it?  Don't leave us hanging!  I'd wager on the pissed-off drunk, myself.     And how was that you said about you were "wearing" your iPhone?  Wearing it?  How?
    I used to use Yahoo! when it was a bunch of people who manually sorted links in a hierarchical web directory.  HTML1.0, baby.   The transitions during the "web portal" years kind of turned me off, and I haven't been back much since.  It would be great if she did something with all of it.  It is a venerable company at this point.
    The Supreme Court too!  Apple is innocent until proven guilty in the Supreme Court.   /s
    Market share for certain, but possibly mindshare as well.
    New tech rarely supplants the old.  Even now, we go to movie theaters and listen to AM radio.   That being said, it is quite rare to see horse drawn wagons in the city these days.  Current form factors will be around for a long while, because they work well, like a paperback book at the beach.
    I thought that lots of the people who are choosing to buy a cheap phone get the iPhone?  The 3GS couldn't be any cheaper, and the 4 is a bargain phone as well.  Both of them are selling in huge numbers, so it seem accurate to say that lots of the people who are choosing to buy a cheap phone get the iPhone.
Is that true these days?   My impression was that was true in the early days, before the internet.  But people started buying lots of computers then, and sales have increased (overall) ever since.   Is it really true that businesses now buy more computers then consumers?
    With 802.11n and a good PC/notebook/server as the back end, do you think that an iPad would work well as a thin client?
    How about the iPhone 4G?  What if it retained the iconic exterior, mostly the same features, and added 4G as the flagship feature (along with the usual processor upgrade, and of course the new screen)?     Could they call it a 4x and have it be a hit?     Or do they really, really have to "go beyond" the 4 series?   Apple's branding abilities are second to none.  It  will be fun to see what their decision here will be.     But I'd wager that a LOT of normal people...
New Posts  All Forums: