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    IMO:  Probably "the New iPhone", maybe the "iPhone 5", but certainly not the iPhone 6.  That would cause confusion.
    Do you think that this continues to be an optimal timing strategy currently?  Will it continue to be in the future?  How long?     ISTM that tech progress is being made faster and faster.  I wonder what is currently, and what will soon be, the optimal time period between major releases. Should the time between major releases  be compressed or shoudl it stay the same for the time being? 
    Are you accusing DaHarder?  He posted pics.  He seems to enjoy having a wide variety of gear, including Apple stuff.  didn't he say he bought an iPad for each member of his family?
    Apple's form factors have been game changers.  They reinvent in order to improve.     I'm struck (as you seem to be) by the number of folks who seem to want an exterior change just for the sake of change.  I would expect that any form factor changes by Apple will be to improve function, and not just to look nice.  Looking good will also be a design objective, but Apple goes for the form follows function thing, so I wouldn't expect change for the sake of change,...
    Are you saying that the existence of any tradeoff means that a product upgrade cannot possibly be "catching up"?   How does that work?
    According to many, many experienced and distinguished judges, yes.
    IMO, the patent will be invalidated for exactly that reason.  Prior art may form an independent basis. 
  Because they present compelling value propositions to consumers.  
    Wow.  Do you think that is because of the CPU or RAM primarily, compared to the old machine?     Yours has a quad-core CPU, doesn't it?  That alone, if the software is set up properly, can make a huge difference in certain tasks.   And the bootup with the SSD must be a lot quicker too.
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