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      You raise good points.   Physical media needs to be a premium product.  People should want to own the official release, due to it being better in many respects to any digital copy.   And access to pay-for digital media needs to be available, at a price most normal folks consider reasonable, if they want to make it the preferred choice for the folks who prefer digital.   Paid-for needs to be better than free.  Libraries did not put book stores out of business,...
    So far the Android tablets seem immature.  None of them are compelling, except for a few that promise future greatness.  M$ has some good ideas - we'll see how it pans out.   The best Android tablets seem to be missing an SD card slot.  Others are too expensive for what they are.  The entire concept of using a cell phone OS is questionable, IMO.   And there are relatively few dedicated tablet apps on Android as of now.   When the market is more mature, there will...
    Loyalty to the "us" as in "Its Us against Them".   You need to understand that Apple users are an oppressed minority.     They are fighting for truth, justice and Steve's One True Way. They are fighting against the forces of darkness.  Twas ever thus.   They are not talking about products or companies.  They are the defenders of the forces of Light.   The forces of Darkness will use any foothold to corrupt the masses.  The few who Think Different, like Einstein and...
    If you call a 256k MP3 "higher sound quality", then I  wonder why?    Believe me, there are MUCH better sounding formats.  Even in MP3, 256 is no better than middling quality.
It is kind of sad that when ApplInsider finally publishes a story based upon original research, it gets misreported.
    Wait.  That's a rhetorical question, right?     Since when have logic or clearly stated prose made any difference in these situations?
  Neither was there any explanation in Mansfield's letter.  He gives no reason for the original decision or for the new dicision.  The closest he comes is to say that it was a mistake.,
    Had I said  that "it couldn't have changed Apple's price", then you might have a point.   Given that I never said that, you have much less than that.
    If I thought that was all that mattered, I would have said so in my post.
    Hey Hellacool - Please don't feed the trolls.
New Posts  All Forums: