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    I'm not convinced that the Apple fanbase is  all that large a proportion of iPhone customers.  My impression  is that while the proportion may be high among Mac buyers, the iPhone is sold primarily to average people.
    Because  it  allows the poster to employ an irrational shibboleth, usually with rousing agreement, and seldomly with any request for examination or justification.   For reason opaque to me, in certain subcultures, the desire to do such a thing is common.       The fable The Emperor's New Clothes illustrates this phenomenon nicely.
    My understanding is that it is only one phone, the same for every customer.     Compare that with the raft of different iPhone SKUs - different carriers, different cell bands, different colors, different models, different storage capacities, different price points?   Which of the dozens of different iPhones do you want to compare against the one lone Galaxy SIII?   Is it really fair to compare all of the multidunious iPhones against one little underdog?   /s
    In what sort of a culture is a comment like this seen as witty or clever?
    If this was done by the legal department, then if one takes thier track record into account, this may well turn out to be a losing strategy.   OTOH, if it was implemented by the PR department, I'd not question its likelihood of success in generating additional profits.
    Here's what the judge ordered:           Mueller seems to be correct when he says that Apple's position is "aggressive...but not baseless".   One or more of the bolded categories might apply to third party retailers, if one applies enough spin.
    There are reasons why municipal wireless has not taken off.  I don't know what they are, however.     My guess is that there will be increasing numbers of private hotspots so that a decent connection will often be available.  Those taking their laptops to lunch in the downtown can already find a decent connection in many cases.
    That was my impression as well when I saw AI's word choice.  Some might use "a few" to mean "over 100", but there are much better word choices if one wants to increase understanding in readers.
    Uh  oh.  Time to don a flameproof suit!
    Learn to extract the correct meaning from prose and you will be foolishly incorrect less often.
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