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    Not the 4th series, the 4 series.   As in the iPhone 4, followed by the iPhone 4S.   Preceeded by the 3 series, as in the 3G followed by the 3GS.     The new iPhone may be the iPhone 4G if Apple wants to hang onto the series 4 aesthetic for another year.
    That argues in favor of the iPhone 4G.  Apple doesn't give a shit about the generation number, if they can advertise a major feature in the name itself.   The new iPhone 4G.  The fastest iPhone ever.
    Cost of manufacture has little to do with retail pricing.  What the market will bear is the over riding factor.     My guess is that Apple's beancounters calculated that profit would be maximized at the $29 price point.
    The absolute number of pins is irrelevant.  The fact of a redesign is what makes money.   And line-put audio is handled by the adjacent headphone jack.  
    I think that you may be asking the wrong question.   The only relevant question is what makes the most money for Apple?  A new connector will cause mucho licensing fees to come rolling in.  Given that, the move to a new connector which needs to be licensed makes perfect sense.
    He's working for a company that wants to kill Apple's suppliers.  He quit Apple.  
    Hence the saying:  I'll believe that corporations are people when the courts start handing out the death penalty to them.   Involuntary liquidation seems to be a fate that is reserved for flesh and blood people, but not corporations.
He's a traitor.  Good Riddance.
    I thought that they had been used twice.  Is there some distinction I am missing?
  And the wire that connects it to the wall socket!
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