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      I laughed out loud when I read this.  Keep up the good work, JR!
  But so far, most of Apple's tactical strikes have fizzled into duds.
    Bullshit, if Apple were to use cheaper parts, reduce their prices or offer less customer service, they would make LESS profits.
    Corporations do not have fiduciary responsibilities to their customers unless they assume such responsibilities as a part of the services offered.   Maybe you need to look up the word to understand what it means?  Apple is not a bank or trust company.  They sell gadgets.  They have no fiduciary responsibility to their retail customers.
    Do you seriously think that DigiTimes is part of some vast conspiracy?   I suppose that fits in with the "us against them" AppleFan meme, but with zero evidence, it seems like a far-fetched position to take.   If this story is true, then it is very bad for Apple.  The iPhone represents a huge portion of their profits.  Around half?  And with iPhone sales currently flagging, Apple needs to get the iPhone 5 on the market ASAP.     My guess is that it would not be...
Nor is it my way of thinking, neither in this thread nor in any other context.   But thanks for playing.
    Good luck with that.  Or with Apple including an SD slot to make it expandable.
    No, in my world, the normal way that big companies do things makes more sense than someone claiming nonsensical platitudes.  Especially when he is on a PR mission.
    Well, unless and until there is real information, I'll assume that Apple is a typical for-profit corporation with fiduciary responsibilities to maximize total profits.   And no, some design guy's PR stunt does not count as "real information".
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