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      The goal is 100% about money.  The means to that goal involves making products that people pay lots of money for.  
    Because the statement  makes little or no sense in the context of a for-profit multinational corporation?
    And in other news, AppleFans swallow it hook, line and sinker. 
    It was ridiculous the first time.  This time it's just pathetic.
    Nobody will want a 16:9 screen on an iPhone.  If 16:9 was best, Apple would have used it from the first generation.  But Apple decided AGAINST 16:9, and for very, very good reasons.  16:9 is NOT GOOD FOR ANYTHING except TV shows.   Apple does extensive prototype testing.  It decided that the very very bestest screen shape and size was the one they decided upon.  Any other size, any other shape is inferior.   I do not believe that Apple is going to shitcan the best...
    Keeping the screen tiny IS innovation.  While everybody else puts big screens on their devices, Apple is alone in innovating the tiny screen.  They buck the trend.  People will see the still-tiny screen and realize that is what they wanted all along.  The puck is moving TOWARDS tiny screens. Apple knows this.  It could have gone towards where the puck used to be, big screens, but their innovative nature makes them lead the pack with a screen so tiny that nobody else...
    The size is a real problem.  The iPhone is the right size for people's pockets, anything bigger is not going to be comfortable in the pocket.   The screen too - Apple chose the 3.5 inch screen for very good and very solid reasons.  this new "widescreen" design won't allow one-handed operation.  Widescreen is good for only one thing, and a smartphone screen ain't it.
  Her answer could be that she's like 90% of the people who buy computers.
    It's even worse than that.   Samsung never tells how many phones it has actually sold, just the number it ships.  So who knows if Samsung has ever sold ANY phones?   
    Genius says:  Do you have an appointment?
New Posts  All Forums: