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    Probably not too much.  Just what they do as a matter of course:  Provide a reasonably good UX, reasonably good compatibility and reasonably good security.  If they do that, inertia will supply middling to good sales.   But hey - I can't know the future.  I just expect that Microsoft will keep doing what they've been doing.  It  has worked OK so far, with a few notable exceptions.
  Apparently the FCC doesn't already know this!
    The enemy of my enemy is ... a Korean company.
  The smaller wins all add up to a net effect close to zero.  No competitor has had any significant trouble introducing and selling any competing product.   And the number of people who think along the lines of "Incapable of innovation and have to copy" is  so small as to be silly.  For example, consumer surveys do not list this as a reason to buy or not buy any particular brand.  In other words, it is not even on most people's radar.  It is no factor whatsoever (or at...
    That way, if you need a normal sized drive, like many people will, you will buy a more expensive machine.  256 is too small for today's usage if you  want to keep things on the machine's drive without swapping in and out a lot with an external drive or iCloud.
  8 Gigs of RAM is plenty for the vast majority of buyers, even those who do a whole lot more than email and 'web.  They can comfortably leave those apps open all the time, and can still have plenty of room left available for Photoshop and Word both.      People can use 2 gigs of ram with minimal hassle.  4 gigs is plenty for most people.  8 gigs is a lot for most people.  16 is crazy lots, except for a vanishingly small number of potential buyers.
  Clealy, there are not enough people who insist on 17 inch laptops to be worth the while.  Not anymore. Not for Apple anyways.   I think that Apple likes to concentrate on the most profitable parts of the industry.  That is where they do best for profits.  And not enough people buy 17 inch laptops to be worth it anymore.
  From what I have seen, the distractions are of different kinds, and one requires a different type of attention than the other.   
There will be lines around the block when these hit the stores.  I wonder if they will be available at Wal*Mart from day 1?  
  From the DOT:   Is it safe to use a hands-free device to talk on a cell phone while driving?So far, the research indicates that the cognitive distraction of having a hands-free phone conversation causes drivers to miss the important visual and audio cues that would ordinarily help you avoid a crash.
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