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    I don't usually think in terms of "Which megacorporation has the best marketing in the world"?      ExxonMobil?  Nope.  Monsanto?  Nope.     Not that my opinion counts for much, but likely it is Apple.  People hear and repeat the marketing as if it is factual information.  Many actually believe, fir example, that Apple was formed and is operating with the sole goal of making people happy. 
    I think that Apple should loose the hounds - on the marketing people.
Increased profits.
    It is sad.  They just can't compete at the high end, and that seems to be where a lot of the profit resides.   Their decision to tie their high end to WinPhone 7 seems like a blunder at this point.     They are now trying to hang on long enough to see if they get any new life with Windows 8 on their phones.  Good luck with that.  I wouldn't count out Windows on phones yet, but it is getting increasingly difficult not to. It boggles the mind that Microsoft once had a...
    As opposed to those customers who see the world in 2D?
    The implication I  get is that Apple's margins are in a precarious position.   The high margin iPhone business is not growing like it once did.  There are storm clouds on the horizon regarding carrier subsidies.  And competitors are producing better and better alternatives for consumers.   The iPad is growing quickly in sales, but the margins don't make the cut for Apple's average.  To the extent that they continue to form a larger portion of Apple's revenue, the...
    My observation was directed at Apple.  The culpability is shared by most all of the multinational mega-corporations.
    Totally easy.  We are in perfect agreement.
    Why does Apple choose these sorts of companies to do business with?    Oh yeah, I forgot.  Because they can save a few bucks and make higher profits.  Same old same old.
    The image you commented upon was sourced from Samsung's Trial Brief.  If you don't even know the basic facts of the subject matter you are commenting upon, then claiming that a distinguished expert in the field is 180 degrees off the mark is, well, quite a leap.   Learn the facts before offering an opinion.  That is pretty much the minimal qualification if you expect not to be corrected.
New Posts  All Forums: