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    I'd say that it is worse than generic, and that it is merely descriptive, like "table".
    Please stop posting square black boxes.
    They're not burning bridges.  Look how they fucked over Apple (the music label) by using the Apple name in violation of their previous agreement.  That ended up with Apple (the no-longer computer company) having the opportunity to sell the Beatles catalog.   If the past is any indication of the future, Apple can do whatever underhanded crap they want and still make more profits than before.  Don't bet against them.  Money talks.
I don't see those as good reasons, especially since everybody and their brother calls it the iPhone 5.
    Where is that rule?  I'd like to see it and all the other official rules.
    I owuld think that lots of old-time AppleFans would prefer Apple to be a scrappy little underdog, rather than a giant behemoth corporate monstrosity like Samsung.     Back when Apple was cool, they were small.  Nobody wants an Apple where uninformed masses buy the products just because everybody else is doing it.   So yeah - just because Widows is the preferred OS of pretty much everybody, and that makes Windows users uncool, Samsung is also uncool because, well,...
    Please tell us your "definition".    It seems that everyone in the world is calling the next iPhone the iPhone 5, except for a vanishingly small number of people who think that their idiosycratic definitions are "correct". 
How would that be relevant?  Apple is like Ferrari.         /s 
    All I ever see are iPhones.  I never see anything else in the wild.  /s
    Apple is a scrappy little underdog, formed by a couple of geniuses in their parents' garage.  Why is this surprising?   Apple has always been the little guy who puts out better products, but are not recognized for thier genius.  Take this latest news:  It proves beyond any doubt that Apple customers "Think Different" and do not follow any trends.  Apple customers are the few, the proud, the Different.  They know more about electronics and computers and stuff then...
New Posts  All Forums: