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    Is it necessary to prove when, where and how Apple took inspiration from the Nokia?  That seems like a heavy burden.   In copyright law, it is not necessary to prove that the copying was intentional.  That was established in the case of "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison, which was found to have infringed on "She's So Fine", despite the fact that Harrison didn't realize that the tune in his head came from an existing song.   I don't know if the rule extends to patent...
    The jury will never see the brief.  Therefore, it cannot be "aimed at the jury's emotions".  
    Apple's guidance has boon so inaccurate that nobody really even takes it seriously.  That is why the analysts estimates hold so much sway.  If the stock were priced based upon Apple's guidance, it would be lower.
    Everybody's always picking on Apple.  They are just jealous.                       /s
    Why not just burn one yourself, now?  Isn't there some built-in utility that allows you to do that?
    And getting lost in Gopher Space.  Yep - those were the days.  It was Magic back then.
    Are there any stats to back that up?  Last I knew, Windows was around 90% market penetration.  How do you square that with Windows "failiing"?
Why would any Windows user bother to install Safari?  Is there anything unique about it?   Is it even the most popular of the OSX browsers out there?
    What drilling down?   music/artist/album
    Some small manufacturers fell the same way about selling to Mall*Wart.
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