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    To me, that aspect was what was amazing about the iPod.  You could have all of your music, which used to take up huge bookshelves at home, in the palm of your hand.   Nowadays, that aspect is missing from the newer versions.  They have pitiful small amounts of Flash memory, which requires that you pick asnd choose what will be included.   If Apple came out with an iPod touch with a big honking hard drive, it would interest me greatly.  And it might inspire sales to...
Way too low.  Try 250 Billion.
    Broken or not, it is good to see that those who steal other people's tech are finally brought to justice.   When Apple steals other people's patented technologies, they usually drag things through the courts before they finally settle.  It is good to see Apple manning up early in the game for a change.
    Last I knew, Bob dylan was still alive.  But it is unlikely that either he or Stephen Hawking would stoop to shilling gadgets on TV.
    There are times that people don't like something that apple has done, but then after they try it for a while, they realize that Apple was right all along.
    They are the supreme law of the land, enshrined in the Constitution.  Our country was founded upon my particular  wishes (among  others).
    Faith and belief are not the same thing.  And faith in the supernatural is not the same as faith in other areas.     And  besides, I don't have a big difference of opinion between those who have faith in aliens (a physically provable proposition)  and those who have faith in supernatural forces which can never, by definition, be detected.
    I saw an  article today saying that due to overwhelming demand, it is now out of stock and that production is being expanded.   
Many of the 30 pins are unused.  At least 3 of them were for analog audio out, which can now be handled by the proximally located headphone jack.  And  some pins were used for obsolete tech like firewire.
    That would yield more profits for Apple and more profits for its partners who make accessories.   If so, it seems to be the right strategy.
New Posts  All Forums: