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Being surpassed is being surpassed. Considering there are many third party stores, android app download perhaps has surpassed ios apps for a while. And half of app store's revenue is nothing to sneeze at. Windows is clunky, infested with malware, so what? It still dominates. Without Jobs Mac would have been dead. It remains to be seen how long Apple can keep the lead without Jobs.
But Apple is copying Win8 with iOS 7, talking about stupidity, like trading gold for dung.
I wish they had got angry earlier. This new ui should never have existed. I do not hate it, I loath it. With each iteration it gets more ios 6 look, so it is less stupid than before, but still stupid. In many screens i still need to squint to find things. While on ios 6 i only need to glance. And it is stll ugly like hell. Btw i love that skeu something. IPhone 5 perhaps will be my last iDevice.
Blackberry at best will survive as a niche player. Most likely it will cease to exist in a couple of years. I am so glad for having left before the boat was going to sink. When iPhone 4 was already out, most people at RIM were still in denial, people were still gloating about antenna gate. Now 3 years have passed, BB10 in many ways is still behind iPhone 1
Talking about ripping off BB, yes I was doing BB development back then, android phone's design was a carbon copy of BB, the roller ball, back and menu button, green and red buttons. The only difference was google added a search button. However we should give credit for google, at least they know who's the guy to copy. They immediately shifted gear when seeing iPhone. While RIM doodled for 3 years before waking up.
DED now is kind of hysterical about Android, perhaps there is some kind of inner insecurity. From technical point of view, Android will have a very hard time to catch on, if at all. The first impression I had with Android SDk was that was very similar in concept with a phone os I worked on back in 99. It was a phone is designed with manufacture as the potential customers. So initially the security was very weak. Also the framework hinders the development for complicated...
Now it looks more like ios than before, though still has too many abominations from Android and WP7. Specifically the stupid back button, confusing lock screen, and the ultra thin progress bars.
when I stood in line to buy iPad 1 on its launch day, the percentage of dorky looking people there appeared to be much higher than general populace.
good artical. very matter of fact styled and informative. Google glass in a way reminds me of other pioneer products like Apple Newton, it shows some potentials as a new category, bur also feels lacking at the same time. Given time it may evolve into somthing great.
You know what is different this time? Steve Jobs is no more.
New Posts  All Forums: