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In an interview with The App Store Chronicle, HP's global head of Customer Support, Kathy Wright said in response to a question on how Apple could do Applecare and HP couldn't provide comparable support    She also went on to say:       This reminds me how much I love Applecare. It's 100% American, [usually] fast, and they're willing to do whatever necessary to make me happy. They've fixed several issues really effectively for me, and even when out of warranty they're...
In an interview with the App Store Chronicle, Walt Mossberg, the "kingmaker" of technology, and a personal friend of Steve Jobs, made his predictions for the future of technology, and the web and offered up advice on innovation. What do you guys think of this interview and what he said? It can be found here.
Two years maximum, but Apple usually relents a bit on control after the first model. I'd expect swappable RAM and SSD within a few years. I use a remote disc drive via an iMac to use disks on my RMBP.
"Curious"? How about welcome, or pleasant, or intelligent, or level headed?
I did a full clean reinstall of the OS and it got worse instead of better. It's a hardware issue. I'm taking my computer into an Apple store soon.
I knew a day or two in advance that I would lose power and likely the web from the storm. I even downloaded a comedy album onto my phone. I didn't expect 1/4 of the cell towers in the area to be knocked out though. I had a 3G device from Verizon and a 4G device from ATT at the ready, but I didn't count on the failing cell service. Luckily a place where I intern a few days a week is near Optimum Wifi, so I'm downloading a few movies there tomorrow while I work, and then...
Sandy hit, and I have power to one TV by generator but no TV or internet. Had I had an Apple TV, I could have downloaded and streamed to it some movies. 1/4 of the cell towers locally are out meaning that service sucks so now I'm just sitting here reflecting. Will be buying an Apple TV post-Sandy. If you're curious, I'm chronicling the horrors of not having internet on my blog. #firstworldproblems    How did Sandy hit you?
Come on Apple! Give them $4. That's $200 million if you sell 50 million phones which is nothing compared to your annual revenue of $100 billion  plus. Feed the children of motorola. 
Just a stupid question by me. Why do you want a USB 3.0 Drive for a USB 2.0 device? I'm assuming you have another device that has USB 3.0. The Lacie Rugged Key USB 3.0 drives are very "slender" on one side, but not both. Sanidisk Extremes are also pretty slim.
Obama is politicizing Sandy as well. I'm a Democrat, work on Democratic campaigns, and I still see it. Did you notice that Governer Cuomo, Senator Schumer, and Senator Gilibrand all thanked President Obama for several minutes during a press conference on Sandy. It's not just Republicans.
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